Malaga police arrest violent child who attacked own mother on the Costa del Sol

Repeated threats and violence: Young boy under psychiatric treatment. Credit: Shutterstock

A 15-year-old boy was recently arrested in Malaga for allegedly attacking his mother with scissors after she refused to give him money to buy video games.

He knocked down the door of the room where his parents were and hit the woman with several punches with the intention of obtaining her credit card.

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However, it was not the first time that the son had attacked them and they actually feared for their safety so much that they had installed a latch on the door of the bedroom, the same door that the child ended up breaking down when he attacked his mother with scissors to buy video games.

The events took place in the Puerto de la Torre area of the Malaga capital. When local police officers arrived at the house the child was still there. Officers discovered that he was a tall young man with knowledge of martial arts, who is also undertaking psychiatric treatment but had stopped taking his treatment as the pills were making him drowsy.

Given the repeated instances of violence, the officers immediately arrested the child. After passing through a hospital for psychiatric evaluation, the adolescent was transferred to police units and subsequently placed at the disposal of the Juvenile Prosecutor’s Office.


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