Fuengirola’s recycling results rise on the Costa del Sol

Positive figures for recycling: New service for door to door collection. Credit: Ayto de Fuengirola

THE Cleaning Department of Fuengirola Town Hall has taken stock of glass collection during the year 2019 in the town. The results have been very positive, since the amount of this material that is going to be recycled in one year has increased by nine per cent, since the data provided by the Commonwealth of Municipalities of the Costa del Sol Occidental – in charge of collecting this material- it has estimated in 2,225,026 kilos collected in the last year, compared to 2,028,840 kilos removed in 2018.


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For the person in charge of the department, Javier Hidalgo, “it is very positive news because it reveals the high level of public awareness about recycling, which is increasing”. In addition, the councillor recalled, “numerous efforts are made to facilitate the separation of waste, such as the placement of ecological islands, paper separation areas on the beaches and even a unique service on the Costa del Sol, door-to-door collection of glass in the hospitality business.” In reference to this new service, which has been operating in Fuengirola since 2018, Hidalgo recalled that “it is totally free for businesses, and, as of today, there are 320 Fuengirola establishments adhered to this service, among bars, restaurants and hotels.”



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