Four tourists in Spain arrested for intimidating & robbing Malaga driver

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Spain’s national police have arrested 42 jewellery thieves, with the help of Romania’s Police, Interpol and Eurojust. Credit: National Police.

Malaga’s local police have detained four Dutch tourists for alleged violence, intimidation and stealing from a tourism vehicle driver. According to the driver, one of the young men appeared with a bat and violently forced him out of the vehicle, stealing 190 euros.

The incident took place around 4pm on Sunday 23rd February on avenida de Pries in Malaga. After the attack, the 40-year-old driver, immediately informed the local police with a description of his aggressors.

The rest of the local police services in the area were alerted and the same four youths (aged between 19 and 24 years old) were spotted near Pablo Ruiz Picasso beach promenade shortly after, where they were arrested.




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