Exceptional Ballet from Russia Comes to Costa Blanca Spain

The Black Swan Credit: St Petersburg Festival Ballet

LOVERS of the ballet will be delighted to know that the St Petersburg Festival Ballet is coming to the Teatro Municipal de Torrevieja this Friday March 6 to present one of the most famous classical ballets of all time and there might still be time to buy tickets.

The iconic Swan Lake is one of the great Tchaikovsky compositions which tell the story of good and evil with the battle between the White Swan and the Black Swan which signifies the two major opposites in life.

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Some of the music in Swan Lake was first written for a lesser known piece The Lake of the Swans which was mainly performed for the composer’s family.

The St Petersburg Festival Ballet company was formed in 2009 and appears with the Olympic Symphony Orchestra.

Its soloists and corps de ballet have captivated audiences around the world by showing the refined technique of this Russian school. Tickets for the performance which starts at 9.30pm cost €30 plus booking fee online.


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