Costa Blanca War On Dumping

Fly-tipping is against the law

UNMARKED police cars are to patrol the Orihuela municipality to catch people who dump household goods or garden prunings on the street next to collection bins. The four-strong Ordinance Unit was created by the Orihuela local police last September, and they’ll be ramping up their activities against lawbreakers. Orihuela’s public safety councillor, Ramón López, said that the team will be on the look-out for people misusing rubbish containers; leaving big items next to them like electrical appliances; and putting garden waste where it shouldn’t be. The council said that dumping was a problem that hits the whole area and that there is a special procedure for the collection of large items.

Residents just need to call the road cleaning and waste department on 965 306178. The newly-formed Ordinance Unit will also look to make sure that the full range of local laws are not broken.

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