Costa Blanca People Power

Photo Credit: Salvemos El Mar Menor- Facebook

AROUND a thousand demonstrators took to the streets of Los Alcázares on Sunday in the latest of a series of protests over the claim that there is a lack of action to stop flooding in the town centre and across the Mar Menor. The area was badly hit by last September ́s Gota Fria, followed by more problems in December, and then during last month ́s Storm Gloria. Sunday ́s demonstration was coordinated by Los Alcázares Eco-Cultural, which is a local association dedicated to preserving local cultural, historical and environmental heritage. The march attracted support from neighbourhood groups and organisations like Salvemos (Save) Mar Menor. An Eco-Cultural spokesman, Antonio Zapata, said that local people should join forces in order to force the hand of the politicians to take action.

“By coming together, we will be able to exert pressure to get things done. We cannot move forward in this area without the problems caused by the repeated flooding of Los Alcazares and the Mar Menor”, Zapata commented. Los Alcázares mayor, Mario Pérez Cervera, has recently put forward plans for a network of floodwater collectors in the north of the municipality, as well as for work to be done at the mouth of the Rambla de Maraña. The cost of the project would reach three point five million euros, of which the Murcian government has only pledged one point five million euros, which would only fund the flood water collectors.

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