Costa Blanca paseo payout after a trip

WOODEN WALK: Paseo de Levante

WOMAN has been awarded 13 thousand euros in compensation after she suffered injuries when she tripped over a rotting plank of wood on Torrevieja ́s Paseo de Levante. A court ruled in her favour and ordered Torrevieja council to pay out the claim for the incident that happened in August 2018. The woman argued that the accident occurred because the council had not properly maintained the area, which is one of the most popular walkways in the city. The elevated promenade was built in 1999 and the wood along with the railings deteriorate in quality quickly because of their exposure to the seawater atmosphere. Councillor Federico Alarcón said that the accident had happened when the council was in different political hands and that improvements to the Paseo de Levante were made last summer ahead of the start of the big La Vuelta cycle race in the city.


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