Costa Blanca 2020 Vision Promoted

Darren Parmenter
San Fulgencio councillors have met with local estate agents to talk about promoting the municipality to British buyers now that UK has left the European Union with a withdrawal agreement. The meeting is part of a series of ventures launched by the council as they hope to boost the area for tourists and residents alike over the rest of the year. With a fair degree of stability for UK residents living in the area over matters like healthcare and state pensions rises, the authority now wants property sellers to take advantage of a possible upturn in British buyers coming to Spain, who were holding off until they got a sense of clarity.
San Fulgencio ́s mayor, José Sampere Ballester, supported by councillors Samantha Hull, Francisco Molero and Darren Parmenter met up with real estate agency bosses to look at away forward to take advantage of the relative Brexit calm, and to give a shot in the arm to San Fulgencio and its Urbanisations. Councillor for Tourism Darren Parmenter said, “Our estate agents are in the front line when it comes to promoting our municipality. I believe there will be a ‘mini-boom’ for the area over the next six months or so as people finally decide to make the break from the UK and come to live or retire in the area. With the help of some extra promotion it could result in an even greater benefit for San Fulgencio.”
He also asked the estate agents to look at targeting the traditional over 65s market, as well as the early retirees between 50 and 60-years old who may be looking for business opportunities.
“The village of San Fulgencio also gives perfect opportunities for people who want to completely throw themselves into the Spanish lifestyle or perhaps fancy the challenge of renovating properties,” added Darren. He also suggested that there may be people of all ages currently working in agriculture in the UK concerned about the future in that business due to Brexit and that continuing that career in the San Fulgencio area, where new blood is desperately needed to continue this traditional industry, could indeed be an option. The meeting with the estate agents is part of a number of initiatives and projects that are being launched by San Fulgencio council to benefit both residents and tourists, and is branded as their ”2020 Vision”.


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