Spanish man in Malaga arrested for alleged car con on the Costa del Sol

Allegedly altered the odometer: Head of car sales company committed fraud. Credit: Shutterstock

OFFICERS of the Policía Nacional have arrested a 32-year-old Spanish man in Malaga, who is the head of a car sales company, for selling a second-hand vehicle of which he had allegedly altered the odometer by more than 100,000 km to make it look like it had travelled less distance indicating less wear and tear.

The investigation was initiated following the complaint of a woman reporting that she had been the victim of a hoax in the purchase of a second-hand vehicle, as explained by the National Police in a press release.

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Apparently, she had bought a car of which the odometer displayed 72,500 km, however, just months after buying it, it broke down and when she took it to be repaired. At the garage, they informed her that because of the type of malfunction the car had suffered it was possible that her vehicle had travelled more kilometres than those shown on the odometer.

After several inquiries to clarify the facts and detain the person in charge, the investigators verified that the vehicle’s odometer had been manipulated by reducing its kilometres by more than 100,000, and arrested the man for his alleged involvement in a crime of fraud.


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