Drunk, Unlicensed and Loaded on the Costa Blanca

Motorcyclist was under the influence. Credit: Shutterstock

AN INTOXICATED motorcyclist was arrested on Saturday morning in the Cartagena area and found to be riding without a licence, as well as being unable to explain why he had thousands of euros on him. The incident happened at around 9.00am in Los Dolores on Avenida de Alfonso XII, when the unlicensed biker crashed into a van. Nobody was injured in the collision, but the Cartagena local police officers suspected the motorcyclist was under the influence of alcohol or drugs. A breath test produced a positive alcohol reading and officers also found that he did not have a licence. The unnamed man was found to have a large sum of money in his possession, and since he could not give a satisfactory explanation as to where got it from, the local police transferred that part of their investigation to the National Police


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