Costa Blanca’s Calpe nursery school as clean as can be

ELECTROSTATIC SPRAYING: Germ killer. Photo credit: Calpe town hall

AN innovative method was used recently to disinfect the Costa Blanca town’s Silene d’Ifac nursery school, using electrostatic spraying. Thanks to its coverage qualities, the disinfectant is able to reach areas that conventional methods cannot access, the town hall’s Education department explained. The spray effectively eliminates 100% of the bacteria, fungus, viruses and yeast microorganisms on the treated surfaces without posing any kind of health risk to the children or teachers.
In order to gauge the true results of electrostatic spraying, samples taken before and after the treatment will be sent to an outside laboratory for testing.
“It is essential to provide the safest conditions possible for the children, and protect them from possible contagion and infections,” Education department sources said. The Silene d’Ifac nursery–named after a native flower found in Calpe–was built in 2006 and is currently attended by 165 children whose ages range from four months to three years.


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