Costa Blanca dummy runs improve service

Medical mannequin gets treated in Torrevieja. Photo Source: Ribera Salud

TWO HOSPITALS have launched new clinical training areas for medical students and existing teams which include wireless-programmed dummies that recreate the reaction of patients to treatment. Torrevieja Hospital and Vinalopó Hospital in Elche have opened “simulated environment” units which are equipped with the latest technology as an important learning tool for students and staff at the two university hospitals. Hospital management operator Ribera Salud says that the areas are the first of their kind in Alicante Province, and will allow training in a whole series of situations which include cardiopulmonary resuscitation.

Ribera Salud added that patient safety was a top priority and that they regarded the new centres and use of innovative equipment and training techniques as an important part of keeping their service at the highest possible level.
“Simulating what the patient ́s reactions is a key facet of the teaching process in medicine”, said María Torres, who is in charge of developing new staff education techniques at Ribera Salud. “This will help students and current professionals alike in improving their skills”, she added. The official launch of the new centres comes at a time when the Valencian government has stated that health management right across the region will return to public ownership from October 2021.

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That means that Ribera Salud will cease to be the management operator of some health districts in Alicante Province, and they have made a series of positive announcements to try to bolster their position. The company last week published figures that showed waiting lists for operations at Torrevieja and Vinalopó hospitals are far lower than the average for publicly-run hospitals across the Valencia region. They also announced the launch of workshops for pregnant women be held at healthcentres within the catchment area of the Torrevieja and Vinalopó hospitals. Ribera Salud has also pledged to build a second health centre for the Orihuela Costa in their next five-year budget plan, which would only come into effect if they retain the management contract.



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