Three New Cases of Coronavirus announced in Spain’s Catalonia brings the total in Spain to 73- The Spanish Health Ministry say It’s not time to issue an Alert just yet


As the Spanish Health Ministry announces three more cases of the coronavirus officials in the UK are investigating possible ties to Italy to a coronavirus “super-spreader” which is believed to be the country’s first case.

The hunt for Patient Zero led authorities to a man in Surrey, the first Brit to come down with the infectious disease.

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Authorities suspect his sickness could have originated in Italy because his partner — who has also developed symptoms — works with at least one person who recently returned to the UK from Italy.

Here is the breakdown of all the cases at the present time reported by the Health Ministry of Spain.

The Ministry of Health has reported that the number of cases of coronavirus in Spain is now 73 – two of them have been discharged.

Fernando Simón , director of the Center for Coordination of Health Alerts and Emergencies of the Ministry of Health, has ensured that 90% of cases are reported and that in cases where a link with the cases has not been detected, the origin is being investigated.

In fact, he explained that “in nine of the cases we have not perfectly established a link yet between the infected people”.

Even so “it is not necessary in Spain to raise the alert level,” he warned.

This fuels further speculation that a “Super Spreader” is on the loose in Spain as Italy, Iran, South Korea have all made it clear that they urgently need to find this person or persons.

Here is the latest breakdown of the reported cases of the coronavirus in Spain.

  • 15 in the Valencian Community .
  • 14 in Madrid , 7 of them in Torrejón.
  • 12 in Andalusia .
  • 9 in Catalonia .
  • 7 in the Canary Islands (one discharged).
  • 4 in Extremadura.
  • 3 in the Basque Country , one of them is being investigated.
  • 3 in Castilla y León .
  • 2 in the Balearic Islands (one discharged).
  • 1 in Navarra .
  • 1 in Asturias .
  • 1 in Cantabria .
  • 1 in Castilla-La Mancha .
  • In total there are already 85,403 infected worldwide. 79,394 correspond to China and 6,009 to the rest of the world. Australia, Thailand and the US have registered their first deaths from the coronavirus, while Ecuador has registered its first case from Spain, specifically, of a woman who lives in Torrejón



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