Watch this Dramatic footage of an F-22 Raptor Fighter Jet captured in Slow Motion using a UltraHD 4k Camera

The High Speed 4k Ultra Hd camera shows incredible detail

Watch this amazing slow-motion footage of Fighter Jet Flybys in Slow Motion as well as some air show extras like the MV-22 Osprey, A-10 Warthog, Red Arrows T1, F-16, F-22 Raptor, and Blue Angels.

If you look closely at the high-speed footage you can see a lot of things going on, different pressure zones on the wings, you can even see the wings bending and the body flexing and on the F-22 you can see when the Jet goes into a climb you can see the elevators and how the body of the jet interacts with the air.. very cool.








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