Costa Almeria teenager under arrest on assault changes

IDENTITY THEFT: Guardia Civil discovered the suspect had been using another man’s ID CREDIT: Guardia Civil Almeria

AN 18-year old from El Ejido is under arrest on charges of assaulting a woman and of feigning the identity of another man.

Guardia Civil arrested the teenager following the victim’s report of the attack.

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According to reports she was getting out of her car to open the entry gate to her property when she was cornered by a man. She managed to get away from him and run down the road, but he caught up with her when she tripped and fell.

He allegedly got hold of her and covered her mouth with his hand to stifle her shouts for help, then tried to force her out of plain sight.

But he was surprised by a neighbour and fled, albeit with a set of keys to the victim’s home which had fallen on the ground.

It was also reported that a few years earlier the suspect had harassed the victim with supposed flattery when they worked for the same company.

Investigators set about trying to locate the suspect on the basis of the information they had gathered. However the physical description of him did not correspond with the identified person. Nor did the victim recognise him from photographs.

It turned out there had been a report of a stolen ID and that the true suspect had been impersonating him.

Investigators did track the actual suspect down though, and this time he was identified by the victim.


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