The Sephardic Tradition is Explained to School Children in Costa del Sol Spain

Visit of Yosef Ben Abraham Credit: Mijas Comunicacion

SPAIN and the South in particular has a long history of settlement from various cultures going back to the Romans and of course the Moors ruled in the area for centuries before being largely defeated by Catholic troops.

Through much of the history of Spain there has been a Jewish community mainly made up of Sephardim, who are considered to be a Jewish ethnic division.

Ironically, considering the division that exist in the 21st Century, the Sephardi Jews were relatively well treated during the Moorish times and it was only in the 15th Century that the re-emergent Catholics tried to banish them from the Iberian Peninsula.


A popular speaker, Yosef Ben Abraham, manager of the Sephardic Memory Centre in Granada, recently visited the IES La Cala de Mijas to talk about the Jewish heritage in Andalucia and to discuss the contents of his book Our history in history.


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