Overhaul of Costa Almeria bridge for better access to Turre sports ground

EXPECTATION: The provincial government says the project will transform this area of the municipality CREDIT: Diputacion de Almeria

THE provincial government has given the go-ahead to a project to transform the old bridge in Turre connecting the village with the sports ground.

Diputacion de Almeria Vice-President and Public Works Deputy Oscar Liria has announced that the administration has approved allocating the €250,000 works which will upgrade and make good the Avenida de Garrucha and the ‘Puente Viejo’.

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The bridge was cut off to traffic more than 10 years ago. It is still used as a walkway, but it is in a pretty poor state of repair.

The idea is to improve access to the sports grounds close to the bridge, the bridge itself and the surrounding area. Works will include repairs, new pavements, resurfacing, and creating a pedestrian walkway leading to the sports facilities complete with benches, lighting, rubbish bins and plant pots.

There will also be improvements to access to the last properties on the Garrucha highway with a lane divided from the pedestrian area by a slope and a cement block wall.

“These are among the most important works which are going to be carried out in the municipality under the Provincial Plans”, Liria commented.

“It is going to mean the transformation of this area of the municipality and highlight the value of the bridge as a sport and tourism resource”, he added.

“We want it to become a meeting point for the municipality.”


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