Motoring News: New Renault Talisman 2020 is bolder than before

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SINCE its launch, people have purchased the Renault Talisman primarily for its design. Latest alterations made to the new model serve only to reinforce its style and appeal.

The front end is more refined with a new grille now fitted with transverse chrome brightwork and a modified bumper profile. The full range also comes fitted with full LED lights. Adaptive headlights are equipped with LED MATRIX technology and come with dynamic LED indicators.

At the rear, the pure and refined style of the New Talisman is reinforced by the full LED lights that are framed by chrome fittings and include dynamic indicators. The rear-fitted shark-fin antenna improves the quality of the New Talisman’s multimedia system while giving it a new sporty look.


As the driver approaches the vehicle, a lighting sequence involving headlights and door-handle lighting is triggered; the interior lights then follow suit as the driver climbs aboard.

Great care has been taken in designing the New Talisman’s passenger compartment right down to the tiniest detail. The dashboard is easier on the eyes with the New Talisman thanks to the 10.2” adjustable screen, that comes equipped as stock-standard starting with the Intens pack. The EASY LINK multimedia system offers a user-friendly and customisable interface and the 9.3” screen in portrait configuration gives a modern touch.

The Talisman has been enhanced with more state-of-the-art advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS), with up to an L2 autonomous driving rating. A Highway and Traffic Jam Companion combines adaptive speed control with Lane Centering Assistance, that works even going around curves. This feature regulates the speed from 0 to 160 km/h while keeping vehicles ahead at a safe distance. The system can automatically stop and start the car within three seconds without the driver having to do a single thing.

The Talisman features the range’s latest WLTP compliant petrol and diesel engines, which are cleaner and more efficient. Both environmentally friendly, the TCe petrol engine has been equipped with a particulate filter, while the Blue dCi diesel engine comes with SCR (Selective Catalytic Reduction) pollution-control technology and the AdBlue injection system to reduce NOx emissions.



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