Malaga agrees to Argentine parrot cull on the Costa del Sol

Clear guidelines: The preferred period will be mating season. Credit: Shutterstock

AT the end of last year, the Provincial Council of Malaga demanded clear guidelines on how to address the control of the growing populations of Argentine parrots in Malaga.

As a response, the technicians proposed the use of air guns by “expert shooters” as the main tool for dealing with the plague. The personnel in charge must have the authorization for the use and transport of the rifles, and the killed specimens must be deposited in a specific place for their incineration.

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The preferred period will be mating season, when the birds look for nests and couple, between January and May. The locations for shooting will preferably be the parks where they have gathered in previous seasons and in the areas of communal roosts. “To carry out the action they will be cordoned off and temporarily closed to the public,” cites the ruling document. In each population, the preferred places to carry them out will be studied, but always at points where the influx of people can be regulated.

Given the mobility of the parrots there will have to be good coordination between the neighbouring towns to act simultaneously, so are there are no areas that could serve as refuge. Additionally, the Board also authorizes the use of barley cages and nets for capturing parrots on rooftops, parks and concentration zones.



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