Health and Beauty News: Speedy drying for your luscious locks

Save some precious time: Tips on drying your mane. Credit: Shutterstock

IT’S no secret that our time is more precious than ever before, and it can feel like a constant battle to fit everything in by being as efficient as possible,  right down to the simple things like drying your hair in the mornings.

We can’t magic you a couple of extra hours in the day, but we can give you some guidance in cutting down the time it takes you to dry your mane.

Wrap up with a microfibre towel, not only are they gentler on your mane, but these ultra-absorbent towels help to draw water from the hair and minimise frizz – a great investment your locks will thank you for.

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Simply wrap your hair up for a few minutes and allow the towel to work its magic before you pick up your hairdryer.

Try a blow-dry spray that can really reduce the time it takes you to blow dry your hair – a real game-changer if you have especially coarse or thick hair.

Spray liberally through your damp hair and enjoy the quicker drying time that results.

Use an ultra-fast hair dryer, like the powerful new GHD Helios Hair Dryer,  their fastest and lightest model yet, which not only offers you faster drying, but its smart technology enables more control and precision, meaning 3 x smoother hair and more shine.

Trust us, your morning routine is about to get a whole lot easier with these failsafe tips to hand.



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