Health and Beauty News: Eco-friendly beauty that is sustainable and ethical.

Environmentally friendly products: Ethically sourced ingredients. Credit: Shutterstock

EVERYONE has their favourite beauty and care products. It’s rare to find products you couldn’t live without, but just how sustainable are they?  You may never have considered just how ‘green’ your most-used beauty products are.

Those who wish to make their beauty routine more eco-friendly will be happy to know they can find alternative products with better environmental credentials.

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For example, Garnier’s Micellar Cleansing Water for removing make-up at the end of the day is not vegan, but Garnier claims they are committed to sustainably and ethically sourced ingredients. Furthermore, they use recyclable materials and work with the company TerraCycle, making it possible for any consumer waste to be sent there and recycled if it can’t be done through a local waste collection.

However, the cleansing water requires using cotton wool pads to remove make-up bringing to mind the detrimental effects of cotton farming that are often overlooked. Buying organic cotton wool pads is one way to ensure that they are sustainably sourced but an even better alternative, that will also save money over time, are zero waste reusable cotton pads.

Benefit is known for its fun aesthetic packaging and good quality makeup but more importantly, they do not test on animals and use no heavy metals in their cosmetics. However, not all of the ingredients are natural or organic and mascara can be tricky to recycle because of its different parts but there are many new products on the market which only use natural ingredients and are fully recyclable. One step further is a zero-waste mascara and, although these are harder to find, there are a surprising amount of options available.




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