Sex Gang Arrest in Murcia, Costa Blanca

Agent raid on hostess club. Photo Source:- Policia Nacional

A FAMILY-BASED Murcia region gang that shipped in over 200 women from Latin America and sexually exploited them, has been smashed by the National Police. 19 people were arrested in Murcia on exploitation charges, with one additional arrestin the Zaragoza area. No names or nationalities were disclosed by the authorities. The gang enticed vulnerable women from South American countries like Columbia and Venezuela to come over to Spain with false promises of work immediately on arrival, they were forced to become “hostesses” at clubs in the Murcia City and Cartagena areas in order to pay off the cost of their travel, and their movements were closely monitored by the gang, who took all the money they earned. The massive National Police operation to bring down the exploitation network involved over 100 officers carrying out raids across the Murcia region. 19 women were freed after five addresses were visited, along with the two clubs, which also saw agents seizing seven cars, weapons, drugs, and 100 thousand euros in cash.


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