Police cuff knife-wielding mugger in Mallorca capital Palma

DISCREET: Plain-clothes officers followed the 26-year old after he raised their suspicions he was up to no good CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE cuffed a mugger who threatened a man with a knife in a Palma street.

A plain-clothes patrol on duty in the district surprised the young Colombian in Calle Manacaor in the early hours of Tuesday morning after he stole the victim’s bag.

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The 26-year old had first attracted the officers’ attention when they noticed he was peering inside parked cars. They decided to discreetly follow him, and so saw him go up behind a passer-by.

The young man yanked his victim by the neck and threatened him with a knife he pulled out from his clothing. When the victim resisted there was a struggle and both ended up on the ground.

Finally the assailant managed to grab the back and made off down the street. The officers set off in in hot pursuit and managed to stop and arrest him.

Police reported the 26-year old has a criminal record for robbery and is in Spain illegally.


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