New Wind Farm will be Far Safer for the Environment in Southern Spain

Inauguration of the wind farm Credit: Facebook

REPRESENTATIVES of the Governments of Cadiz and Malaga Provinces as well as a Minister and various councillors attended the official opening of the wind farm at San Martín de Tesorillo adjacent to San Roque and Sotogrande.

This new wind power installation which consists of 12 turbines has created 200 jobs in the area and will be able to produce the equivalent of the annual electricity consumption of 33,000 homes.

The creation of the farm will remove around 66,000 tons per year of pollutant and greenhouse emissions from the air and 1.6 million tons of emissions of these gases throughout its useful life.


The strong winds in this particular area running along to Tarifa and further are ideal for these turbines and with numerous hills the siting of wind farms whilst relatively expensive initially makes sound economic and ecological sense.


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