Malaga calls for ‘Equality Now’ for International Women’s Day on the Costa del Sol


NATACHA Rivas from the Delegation of Malaga announced on Monday the programme of activities created for the celebration of International Women’s Day, on March 8, with all events covered by the motto ‘Igualdad Ya’.

Rivas pointed out the importance of the motto “An issue such as equality must be something immediate, present in each and every one of the actions carried out by public and private entities ”

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On March 3, the Auditorio Edgar Neville will host the Reconocidas 2020 event, in which up to 29 women and groups from the province will receive recognition for their work or contribution to equality.

A day later, on March 4, La Térmica will host the ‘I Foro Mujer y Comunicación’, a day “in which the importance of promoting equality issues in the media and in any form of public expression will be addressed,” said Rivas

Which will be “an ideal space in which to reflect on communicative behaviours or discourses that are standardized and that imply a series of prejudices that need to be analyzed in order to advance in equality.”


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