Costa Blanca’s Rojales Drug Shop Raid

Seized gun and bullets. Photo Source:- Guardia Civil

A SPANISH couple in Rojales have been arrested by the Guardia Civil for trafficking drugs out of their home, and for illegally possessing weapons. The 41-year-old man and the 47-year-old woman lived at the property with their three children, but that did not stop them from using their address to distribute hashish, marijuana, and cocaine. The duo used a small flap by the front security gates on their drive to dispense the drugs, almost like in a fast-food takeaway, which meant that their customers didn’t have to enter their house to buy their fix of narcotics. The sheer number of people coming and going from the front entrance alerted neighbours to the fact that something suspicious was going on and the Guardia Civil in Almoradi launched an investigation. Besides finding a quantity of drugs during the raid on the couple ́s house, Guardia officers discovered an illegal gun and some bullets. The raid also put paid to the duo ́s plans to allocate a room for an indoor marijuana farm, which they were in the middle of creating.


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