Average Balearic Island pension below national average

RETIRED: Balearic pensioners typically receive €1,065.20 a month CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE typical pension in the Balearic Islands is below Spanish Security System national average.

Figures from the Employment, Migration and Social Security Ministry reveal that taking into account the different classes of pensions, which include retirement, disability, widow and orphan, the average payment in the Balearics is €933.11, €73.74 less than the average €1,006.85 for the whole country.

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Nevertheless, average pensions in the region are up 2.4 per cent for February on the previous month, two points more than the national increase of 2.2 percent.

The number of pensions paid out to people living in the Balearics is 194,575, 1.3 per cent more than the same period of last year.

The number of retirement pensions paid out to people on the islands is 126,403, who on average receive €1,065.20.

The Balearics registered a total of 17,026 permanent disability pensions, averaging €909.53, 44,635 widows’ pensions (€64p.25) and 6,120 orphans’ pensions (€356.85).


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