Six arrests for robbery in Mallorca capital Palma in two days

BUSY: Police detained two muggers and four youngster for breaking into parked cars. CREDIT: Shutterstock

POLICE made six arrests for robbery in Palma over the weekend.

In one incident officers detained two thieves who had just mugged a young man on the seafront promenade at 3am on Saturday.

They had grabbed the victim by the arm and threatened to whack him with a bottle.


A police patrol on duty in the zone managed to track down and arrest the pair a short time afterwards.

The following night police cuffed two youngsters as they were nicking items from the interior of a vehicle parked along the seafront.

Officers seized a crowbar the delinquents used to get into the cars.

Then on Monday night police surprised two other lads just after they smashed a car window.

In the same weekend police arrested a man on charges of receiving stolen goods after discovering he was carrying a mobile phone which had been robbed.


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