Pedestrian knocked down and killed on Mallorca motorway

INVESTIGATION: The Guardia Civil is looking into the circumstances of the tragic incident. CREDIT: Shutterstock

A MAN died after a car went into him while he was walking on the Andratx motorway near to Sant Agusti in the early hours of Sunday morning.

According to reports a British driver was taking his son to Palma airport when the accident occurred. It was also reported that the driver tested negative for drugs or alcohol, and that the 30-year old victim, a prison officer from Logroño who moved to Mallorca in September, had not been wearing reflective clothing or carrying any kind of light.

As soon as the driver realised the car had impacted against something he pulled over and then called the emergency services, press said. However when the health team arrived they could only certify the young man’s death.


The Guardia Civil had to cut off this stretch of the road to traffic and divert vehicles via an alternative route.

The Guardia has opened an investigation into the tragic incident.


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