Mallorca feminist movement promises strong action to mark International Women’s Day

DEMANDS: Gender violence, work conditions and pay gaps are among the issues the movement wants to highlight CREDIT: Shutterstock

THE Feminist Movement of Mallorca has promised strong action to mark International Women’s Day.

Speaking at the presentation of the agenda of “eco-feminist and anti-fascist” activities lined up by different entities and collectives to coincide with International Woman’s Day on Sunday March 8, the island’s feminist movement spokesperson Sandra Serra promised this year would see “the most demands ever.”

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Serra highlighted the call to form a feminist chain at the courts on Via Alemania at 12 midday on Saturday February 29 “given that the judicial institutions are the most patriarchal.

“With this chain we will demand that they apply the Constitutional Law on Complete Protection Measures against Gender Violence”, she said.

On International Women’s Day itself there will be a demonstration in Palma under the banner ‘Destruye el Patriarcado, no el planeta’ (Destroy the Patriarchy, not the planet). The march will start in Plaza España and will end up at the Parc de la Mar, where this year’s manifesto will be read out.

Another of the movement’s spokespersons, Margalida Bover, meanwhile called on all women to support a 24-hour strike.

The strike will be about three concepts: work, consumption and care.

In regard to the first the movement wants to draw attention to the working conditions of women in temporary employment and the pay and pension gap.

On consumption, Bover talked about the importance of not consuming or shopping on March 8 to give sense to women’s rights, and on the third concept she said the aim is for “all women to throw down their aprons.”


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