Councils in Costa del Sol Support Parents Petition to Increase Funding for More Thorough Searches

Juan Antonio Gómez in happier times Credit: Facebook

IT was in 2010 that experienced hiker Juan Antonio Gómez from Mijas disappeared after leaving home to undertake a two-day hike in the Mijas Sierra and was never seen again.

His family has never given up hope but believes that insufficient resources were available at the time and even today to try to establish what had happened to him.

Recently they set up a petition, hoping to obtain 500,000 signatures from across the country, demanding that the Spanish government take action to increase funding in order to make the search for missing persons more efficient and a greater priority.


Many councils and organisations have got behind this plea for better help and in both Fuengirola and Mijas there have been numerous sites where the petition could be signed including the council offices in both towns and many shops.


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