Costa Blanca Easy Horse Rescue Centre at rock bottom


ONLY a few weeks ago Easy Horse Care Rescue Centre reported they were “experiencing the worst pressure they have ever been under in the 11 years they have been up and running.”

Despite many offers from people to volunteer and donate the situation has deteriorated, say the centre’s British expats founders Sue and Rod Weeding.

They had managed to get the €20,000 they owed on forage above the €2,000 or so they pay every couple of weeks for a new delivery of hay down to €17,200 thanks to donations, but now the supplier has dropped the bombshell that they want them to pay the remaining money.


“We totally understand, but are completely devastated as we just don’t have this type of money”, Sue said.

The huge forage bill is not a normal occurrence and is due to the devastation caused by last September’s horrific storm which destroyed local crops, forcing the Weedings to order supplies from further afield at double the cost.

The Weedings say people rallied around to help and support the centre at the time, but maintain that due to “dishonest people” in some cases and Government insistence on VAT payments on donated food and equipment in others they have not so far received some of this help.

They also point out that while the charity shops have been a vital source of funds which have kept the centre going, “the IVA tax on all the donated items sold is adversely affecting the takings and literally taking essential resources from the ‘horse’s mouth’.”

Sue and Rod affirm the situation is not the result of bad management, but rather “a series of extreme circumstances beyond the centre’s control and that it is the 120 or so “very deserving” horses, ponies, donkeys and other rescued animals which will suffer if they cannot get out of this “dire situation.”

For more information see the EHCRC website


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