The scooter company of Elche removes 30 vehicles from the streets before the Costa Blanca police confiscate them


Elche will have to wait to have the rental scooters service again. The Local Police have seized part of the electric vehicles that have circulated without permission for four months through the streets of Elche (Costa Blanca) after an endless bureaucratic process.

The agents had prepared to seize almost fifty electric scooters from the public. However, in one hour the responsible company, which has taken four months to comply with the City Council order after lacking the corresponding license, realised that its vehicles were being removed from the streets thanks to GPS devices integrated in the scooters.

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In this way, the company managed to remove a large part of the controversial vehicles. However, electric scooters may not circulate in the city at least until the City Council authorises this kind of business on public streets, which would involve, among other things, the payment of a fee that the responsible company was not paying.

The City Council of Elche has managed to end a business that was working without permission. This end comes after a long bureaucratic procedure to look for the company that in November started the business in the city by surprise, as it did in other municipalities such as Alicante, La Coruña and Valencia, where it ended up being sanctioned.


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