The Fuertes Group buys the Almodóvar Palace in the Plaza de Santo Domingo of Murcia in the Costa Blanca


The Fuertes Group, through its real estate division Profusa, has bought the Almodóvar Palace in the central square of Santo Domingo in Murcia, in Costa Blanca.

The Almodóvar Palace is a historic building that dates from the 17th century. It is included in the Special Plan of the Historic Artistic Centre and was the headquarters of the Civil Government and the police station until 1950. Until the owner’s Madrid family put it up for sale in 2019, it housed offices and professional studios.

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Neither the facade nor the structure nor its staircase may be modified. Nor is the shield, included in the catalogue of Goods of Cultural Interest (BIC). It was owned by the former counts of Almodóvar and architecturally it has elements of the Renaissance and baroque pieces, such as the statues of the giants that escort the main balcony of the building.


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