Elche prepares the International Women’s Day in the Costa Blanca with an extensive program of talks, theatre, literature and films


The Councillor for Equality, Mariano Valera, has presented the activities that the Town Hall of Elche, through the Casa de la Dona, is carrying out to celebrate the International Women’s Day. In addition, Valera has pointed out that these activities are not limited to March 8, but are carried out throughout the year in the Costa Blanca.

“Like every March 8, the City Council of Elche joins the claim of the International Women’s Day. However, from the Casa de la Dona we work throughout the year in activities around three axes related to prevention, awareness and attention to women victims of gender violence,” said the councillor.

For Valera, “this 8M will be a new wake up call about civic and political awareness. The threat we are encountering and that questions the rights of women will have a strong response in the streets. Because discrimination still persists despite conquests. And because there are those who question feminism trying to return us to the past, denying gender violence and sexual violence. ”


A lot of activities to celebrate International Women’s Day

Among the initiatives proposed by the City Council are training and prevention activities in educational centres, awareness-raising activities, participation of the Women’s Council, convening of the Interdisciplinary Coordination Commission against gender violence and the elaboration of the II Plan of Equality for Citizenship.

Thus, throughout the first quarter of the year courses, lectures, workshops, film projections and theatrical performances will be offered, among other activities.


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