Costa Blanca El Palmar of Murcia will have its own green zone in the Parque de la Paz in spring


El Palmar of Murcia will recover 15,534 square meters of the Parque de la Paz by spring, with new green spaces that will mean a green zone and fresh air for this village of the Costa Blanca. The jobs include “a substantial improvement in its appearance with the planting of trees and shrub species, the completion of the sidewalk, the renovation of street furniture and the construction of a new children’s play area,” explained municipal sources.

“El Palmar will recover this emblematic space of the village with more vegetation, better services and areas for neighbourhood meetings,” said the Councilor for Urban Development, Pepe Guillén. He also indicates that the works are aimed at “returning this emblematic garden to the neighbours”.

According to Guillén, a curb will surround the entire perimeter and will be accompanied by “large planters that will serve to increase the park’s green areas and at the same time separate traffic from children’s spaces and passing routes. In addition, banks will be set up that will generate small rest places. ”


The irrigation system will also be renewed, since a more modern one will be installed, with satellite-controlled programmers that work with a solar powered method. “The increase of the vegetal mass is one of the important improvements of this space, in which we will increase the number of trees and shrub species to make this environment a much healthier and more pleasant place for the neighbours,” says Guillén.

The park will also have a children’s play area. The complete project has a budget of 197,771 euros.


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