Costa Blanca: An accident that never was

High Court confirmed shammer’s sentence. Photo credit: Joanbanjo

THE Alicante High Court confirmed a 21-month sentence for a Benidorm man who claimed €10,800 for a fictitious work-related accident. He reported the supposed accident six days after registering with Spain’s Social Security scheme and received temporary incapacity benefit for six months. At the time of the 2012 episode, he was acting as a consultant for a friend who had just arrived from Russia. He later told investigators that he had agreed to work for nothing and that in return she would make his Social Security payments. The woman later denied making out a contract for him and said the €7,500 he received from her was for settling bills. The accused had been registered for one day before the accident allegedly occurred although he told Social Security officials that he had been working for a fortnight. Investigators also found that his Social Security registration form had not been signed by the supposed employer. The High Court has thrown out the man’s appeal and confirming his 21-month sentence, ruled that he had registered with Social Security with the intention of feigning an injury to receive benefits.


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