Giorgio Armani cancels Milan fashion show after coronavirus lockdown


Giorgio Armani cancels Milan fashion show after coronavirus killed two people near the city and triggered lockdown in 12 towns across northern Italy.

After coronavirus has killed two people near the city and sparked a lockdown in 12 towns, Giorgio Armani has decided to cancel his Milan fashion show.

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A statement this morning announcing the cancellation of today’s 4pm show read: ‘The show will be shown behind closed doors, due to the recent development of coronavirus in Italy, live streamed in front of any empty teatro on the Armani website, therefore please do not attend the show this afternoon.’

Three football matches have also been postponed in the northern regions of Lombardy and Veneto because of coronavirus fears.

A dozen towns went into lockdown on Saturday with 50,000 people asked to stay indoors, after the deaths and a growing number of cluster cases with no direct links to the origin of the outbreak abroad.


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