Medical Breakthrough Hailed as Australian researchers ready to test vaccine for the deadly Coronavirus

Researchers at the University of Queensland have said they are just days away from testing a new vaccine for coronavirus

In exciting news, Australian scientists have made a key breakthrough in a desperate bid to develop a vaccine for the killer coronavirus. 

Researchers at the University of Queensland are making a fast-tracked attempt to make a cure for the disease, which has killed more than 2,200 people worldwide.

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“It started back when China released the sequence back in late January. That gave us the viral genome we needed to take and express,” Dr. Young said.

“A key milestone is actually generating the vaccine prior to putting it into animal studies.

“We will be going into our first animal studies at the University of Queensland this week, to be followed not long after [by] studies at the Australian Animal Health laboratories at the CSIRO in Geelong.”

Dr. Young said while the UQ work was groundbreaking, it was hard to say if it was the world’s first vaccine developed for coronavirus.

He said there are multiple versions of vaccines and a variety of approaches that can all be as effective as each other.

There are now dozens of Australians suffering from the respiratory disease, with 47 contracting it on the Diamond Princess cruise ship in Japan.


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