Hero Police Officer in Spain Saves Newborn Child From Dying

Mother abandons baby who tested positive for coronavirus in hospital
Surprise! Baby is born at home as Brit was unaware she was pregnant Credit: pexels

A Police Officer off duty was driving down the street in Vigo Spain, when he noticed what appeared to be two women in a state of panic, holding a newborn child. He quickly realised that something was wrong and hurried to help the women. Thanks to his swift action, the newborn child’s life was saved.

The mother, born in 1991, had just finished breastfeeding her 18-day old child, and had only put it down on the bed for a moment, when she noticed that the child had vomited and started to get very red. In a state panic, she picked up the child and ran out into the street with the child in her arms, begging for help.

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A crowd had already started forming around the women and the baby when the off duty Police Officer drove by. Realising that something was not right, he immediately stopped his car by the side of the street, got out and hurried to the women.

Noticing that the child had trouble breathing and was turning blue, he remembered the training that he got in the Police Academy. He asked permission to take the child into his arms and swiftly performed the Heimlich Maneuver, by placing the child upside down and slapping it between its shoulder blades.

This maneuver allowed the baby to start breathing again, until an ambulance arrived at the place, taking the newborn to the hospital to be monitored in the ICU.
Thanks to this police officer’s resolute actions, the newborn child’s life was saved.


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