Beer is good for you! Drinking even half a pint daily ‘increases chances of living until 90 compared to teetotallers’

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Whether you like San Miguel, Estrella, Heineken or Cruz Campo its something us lads have known for years and now its been scientifically proven, Beer is good for you!

A group of researchers led a study that tracked the drinking habits of 5,500 people over two decades and found men and women who drink daily are more likely to reach 90.

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The information has been published by researchers from Maastricht University in Holland who tracked the drinking habits of 5,500 people over 20 years.

The study also found that men who drink three shots of whiskey or two pints every day are two-thirds more likely to reach 90 than teetotallers. The study also noticed men who drink beer whilst watching their favourite football team play are far more intelligent than the opposition supporters, err not really, I just made that up!

So to all our faithfull EWN readers out there, cheers, enjoy yourselves because life really is too short to be miserable:)


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