Vox Party Member Investigated for Gender Violence in Political Scandal

Juan Ros Alcaide, Vox Party

A political scandal is underway as a Guardia Civil Gender Violence probe has been launched into right-wing Vox party member, Juan Ros Alcaide. 

The Senator for Cueta has been accused of attacking his partner, who was ultimately hospitalised on Tuesday 18 February.

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She was admitted into hospital in Malaga with ‘polytraumatisms compatible with an aggression.’

Alcaide has denied the allegations and upholds that his wife suffered a ‘domestic accident’ caused by falling down the stairs. The Guardia Civil were alerted after call was placed reporting an attempted suicide.

The 54-year-old victim was discovered with signs of violence and traces of blood – with Alcaide at his wife’s side.

The initial explanation for the incident was that she had fallen down some stairs after consuming a large quantity of medication. She was immediately taken to the Hospital Clinico Universitario de Malaga.

The court were notified of the events, however the woman has not filed a complaint.


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