Tsunami Threat To Spain’s Andalucía As the Spanish Government Prepare


A tsunami is at risk at hitting Spain’s Andalucía in the near future and the government is now taking precautions.

Elías Bendodo​ announced this week that the Andalusian Government is working on ​an emergency plan​ in the event that a Tsunami would strike Andalucía.

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A tsunami could hit Andalucía “tomorrow or in 300 years” according to the deputy leader of Adelante Andalucía​, Maria Garcia Gonzales.
Although Andalucía is under no obvious current threat, many experts have reported a “real risk” of a tsunami hitting the Andalucían coastline, and the junta have said that they want to be prepared when the disaster happens.

A study carried out by ​la Dirreccíon de Protección Civil y Emergencia ​determines that the Atlantic slope is at the higher index of danger. Particularly Huelva and Cadiz are at risk of being hit by a tsunami, together with the costal area from Ayamonte to Tarifa.

A royal decree earlier this winter (November 20) called for a Basic Civil Protection Planning Guideline for tsunami risks, so that there is at least one emergency protocol in place when the catastrophe hits, with joint coordination between different regions and provinces.

El Servicio de Protección Civil​ has also consulted C​ opernicus​ – the European Union Observation Program (that offers information based on satellite observation as well as on-site observation of the region) for a Risk and Recovery mapping similar to the one they previously did for the Italian coastline, to gather more information.


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