” Rhodes Law” Will Be Adopted Says Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias In Regards Child Abuse In Spain

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British musician James Rhodes was repeatedly raped by a teacher as a London schoolboy. Now he’s decided to change child abuse laws in Spain. This new law, he says “will be a global benchmark for child protection.”

James Rhodes moved to Spain in 2017, and as many do – he fell instantly in love with Spain’s beautiful nature, the language and the culture.

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“But there was one thing that I could not reconcile with, and it was that every week there was another story of child rape, child abuse, not just in the church, but in schools and families”, he said.

During 2018 Mr Rhodes reached out to politicians who were positive to reforming the current laws, but because of political instability at the time and short-lived parliaments, the reform was not made. Mr Rhodes then continued pressing his case forward using Social Media, Spanish Press and Television, and succeeded with his mission!

Earlier this month Spain’s Deputy Prime Minister Pablo Iglesias of the Podemos party affirmed that “the Rhodes Law” will be one of the government’s new reforms.
Iglesias added:

“This law must not only protect boys and girls in our country but also become a global reference for child protection”.


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