PILOT KILLED as plane bursts into flames during an emergency landing in SPAIN


A Pilots body is recovered after he crashed while attempting to make an emergency landing in Spain’s Noain-Pamplona airport. 

The plane caught ablaze when it crashed into a residential street at Paseo de la Estación after the pilot Had reported mechanical problems, and was trying to make an emergency landing in Navarra.

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The tragic incident took place at 18:20 Thursday, after it had taken off from Sabadell, Barcelona before crashing into a car parked on the public road.

A occupant of a nearby house witnessed the crash and thankfully escaped unharmed.

Airport firefighters were alerted when the pilot, who has not yet been named, put in a distress signal claiming there was an issue with one of his engines.

The Regional Government has stated that the small plane crashed down only a short distance from the runway, between the town of Noain and the Mocholi industrial estate.

Firefighters had to wait for the engineers of a electricity company to cut off the power to a line that was knocked onto the vehicle that the aircraft crashed into.

Shortly after they were able to put out the fiercely burning fire in the plane and recover the pilots body.



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