Heartbreaking Find: 11-year-old boy who was playing in a football match returns to his dad’s car to find him dead inside

Heart-broken little O'Neil Joe pictured here with his beloved "football mad dad" Tony

Father of two, Tony O’Neil, had been cheering on his son Joe from the sidelines just minutes before he returned to his car for a cup of tea.

The tragic incident occurred at a half-term tournament being hosted by Birkenhead School on Wednesday afternoon, what caused the 44-year-old dad-of-two’s sudden death is not yet known.

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Tony, who lived in Bootle, was one of a small group of footy-mad dads who watched their sons play for Wrexham AFC.

Mark Swann, who had known Tony since they were at school together, said: “He was just a loving father who doted on his son. Joe is a talented footballer who’s had trials at clubs including Liverpool and Manchester United.


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