Babestation Babe was ex-army soldier who quit after 10 years was fed up of rations and conditions

Squaddie turned Babestaion Babe, Joanna Kitson.

After 10 years of deployment all over the world and been forced to eat army rations, Joanna Kitson, 27 decided to pack it in and become a model for Tv Show, Babestation. It all started after being spotted by a modelling agency while on leave.

Joanna Kitson, 27,  swapped the uniform and orders for sexy suspenders and chats with fellas on the adult telly channel, to get ready for the role she paid £4,300 to reduce and uplift her 32DD boobs to a perky 32D.

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Corporal Kitson, as she was known, also had a £3,100 Brazilian butt lift to prepare for her new “career” outside the forces. When asked if she thinks it was a good moved, she replied:

“As soon as I did my first stint, they signed me up and I absolutely love it.

“During the day you get people calling for a normal chat. Some just want to talk about how their wife is doing their head in.

“At night you have the perv cams and I get to do stuff with other girls like spanking. It’s really fun.

“There’s no sex involved — just a lot of teasing.”

“I enjoy being able to do my nails, put my lashes on and wear nice underwear.”

Stand by your bed’s lads! 🙂





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