Almeria police nick young thieves for El Ejido hair salon break-in

BOOTY: The robbers got away with €1,100 in cash and €1,600 worth of electrical appliances. CREDIT: Policia National Almeria

POLICE nicked four youngsters for a break-in at an El Ejido hair salon and the theft of money and electrical appliances.

Officers detained two teenagers and a 20-year old for the actual theft and a 21-year old for receiving the stolen items.

The trio had forced open the salon’s external metal blind and smashed the glass door to get it. One then remained at the entrance to keep an eye out in case they were spotted. After grabbing what they wanted they made a quick getaway.


The managed to steal €1,100 in cash and electrical appliances with a combined value of some €1,600.

Police investigations led to the three suspects, and shifted focus to the recovery of the stolen items. This led to the fourth detainee.

Officers found half the stolen goods in his home.

CREDIT: Policia National Almeria


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