There’s a new politician in town and he’s a ‘very good boy’


with major elections and changes around the world, it’s just about impossible to avoid politics in the news. But don’t worry, dog lovers. This is one politician we can all get behind.

Parker the Snow Dog was recently elected mayor of his small Colorado town. His constituents are confident their new dog mayor is exactly what they need.

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The public crowded into the community centre for a chance to witness history as Police Judge Lynette Kelsey administered the mayoral oath and Parker took his official place in politics.

Hugs, love, and cookies are the best campaign promises we’ve heard in a while. It’s no surprise this handsome Bernese Mountain dog won the hearts of his voters.

Parker showed up to his inauguration ceremony dressed for his new job and spent the evening mingling with his adoring fans. Once the celebrations are over, this hard-working dog mayor is looking forward to serving his community.


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