Quinton Laboratories negotiates the transfer of its production from Cox to Alicante


The Spanish company Laboratorios Quinton, specialised in the manufacture of natural supplements based on cold microfiltered sea water, is studying the transfer of its industrial facilities from the municipality of Cox to the city of Alicante. The change of location is due to the company is looking for a place closer to the coast.

The objective of the change is to expand its capacity and improve the internal processes of its production system. However, it is not to use the water with which it fabrics its products, since the concession that supplies is in the waters of the Bay of Biscay.

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The company is valuing several locations, such as the area of the Port of Alicante or the Aguamarga surroundings. So far, no definitive agreement has been closed and there are no specific dates for the move of the facilities. However, the determination is firm.

In 1996 Joan Miquel Coll, from Alicante, acquired the laboratories founded by the French physiologist René Quinton in 1905, as well as the patent of the products, and transferred the activity to the province of Alicante. Today the company is run by the second family generation, a workforce of 50 workers and has been characterised by advancing in its internationalization, even selling its products in more than twenty countries.


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